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Current vacancies
TitleCountryCityDisciplineClosing date 
Senior SCM EngineerFranceParis (Suresnes)Business Support | Supply Chain Management21/12/2019View
Africa Project Operations Engineer (POE) FranceParis (Suresnes)Operations | Project Management14/01/2019View
Africa Project Operations Manager (POM)FranceParis (Suresnes)Operations | Operations Management21/01/2019View
Method Project/Graduate engineer – Rigid pipelines FranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Pipeline31/12/2018View
3rd Engineer Offshore GlobalOffshoreOffshore | Marine Vessel Crew28/12/2018View
Graduate Engineer Development Scheme (GEDS) – 2019UKAberdeen - WesthillEngineering | Project31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG01 - Design of a mooring system for a wave energy converterFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Project31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG03 - Modelling of reservoir fluids using MultiflashFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Project31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG04 - Study of the building material used for the structures in oil and gas and the renewable energiesFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Piping31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG05 - Design and optimisation of a subsea electrically heated pipelineFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Pipeline31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG06 - Building and analysis of a database listing geometrical imperfections observed along offshore pipelinesFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Pipeline31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG07 - Data Analysis - Technological DevelopmentFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Electrical31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG08 - Subsea Additive ManufacturingFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Development31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG09 - Offshore Installation of initiation and laydown structures in S-Lay - AnalysisFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Piping31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG10 - Study of pipeline ovalization during offshore installationFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Pipeline31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG11 - Offshore Installation of initiation and laydown structures in S-Lay - MethodFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Pipeline31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG12 - Trainee Planning engineerFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Planning31/12/2018View
STAGE-REN01 - Industrialization of floating wind turbines - from pilot farms to commercial farmsFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Renewables31/12/2018View
STAGE-ENG13 - Optimisation of offshore works estimationFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Project31/12/2018View
STAGE-INS01 - Technical & Economic Analysis of Flexible Jumpers Installation MethodsFranceParis (Suresnes)Engineering | Installation31/12/2018View
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