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Trainee AB/Crane Operator
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The AB/Crane Operator is responsible for the safe operation and deployment of all lifts onto and off the vessel and for ensuring that all operations are carried out in accordance with legislation and company procedures, and in a safe manner.
All personnel are expected to contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture within Subsea 7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to local HSEQ codes and practices. This will include, but not be limited to:
·      Actively reporting all undesired events and safety observations using the Safety Observation system and Undesired Events Report system.
·      Actively reporting non-conformances using the Non-Conformance Report (NCR) system.
·      Actively reporting and managing any unsafe act, condition or procedure or environmental unsafe acts and conditions to the Chief Officer so that action can be taken to manage or minimise any and all risk.
Generic Key Responsibilities & Activities
·      Safe operation of the ship's crane(s) in accordance with Subsea 7 procedures for Lifting Equipment and Operation on Barges, Ships and Yards, and in accordance with the crane manufacturer's operating instructions
·      Ensure that all personnel directing crane operations are aware of their personal responsibilities with regard to their work in a safe manner.
·      Complete regular safety tours of the cranes and implement any actions as necessary to maintain the work place in a safe manner.
·      Be aware at all times of the loads involved and limitations of the rigging being used.
·      Ensure that at no times is the crane lifting any load beyond the SWL of the weakest link in any rigging arrangement attached to the hook and that such rigging is correctly certified.
·      Maintenance of the cranes and associated equipment including blocks and wires as directed by the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer.
·      Take part in the loading/discharging/deployment of equipment onto and from the vessel. Working as directed by the Shift Supervisor, Deck Foreman or qualified Banksman in compliance with the Masters/Chief Officer's instructions.
·      Progress the workscope as directed in accordance with the relevant Task Plans and Procedures.
·      Assist the Chief Officer and Chief Engineer in their assistance to the Captain in conducting Shipboard Management Review in accordance with the ISM code.
·      Assist the Deck Foreman or his deputy as directed.
·      Operate within the Code of Conduct
·      Operate according to Subsea 7's Management Principles
·      Ship Level of Responsibility (ISM/STCW Code) - Support Level
·      Work within the parameters of responsibility outlined for the vessel in the Vessel Authority Matrix
·      Support standards and procedures for the Marine and related Functions
·      For level of authority see 'Expenditure and Authorisation Specification'
·      Navigational Watch Rating Certificate or Provisional Navigational Watch Rating Certificate meeting legislative requirements of the Flag State
·      Recognised Seaman's discharge book
·      Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing in accordance with STCW Code Table A-II/I
·      Experienced and qualification to meet requirements governed by STCW: (less than 500 GRT-STCW 95 11/3 or greater than 500 GRT 11/2)
·      Recognised Crane Operator Stage 1 or 2 certificate
·      Completed Security Awareness training relevant for the position (Ref: ISPS Code)
·      Valid offshore medical and offshore survival certification suitable for geographical area of work
·      Attendance at PASS school induction and other company familiarisation prior to mobilisation
·      Compliance with the Subsea 7 Competence Assurance Assessment Programme (CAAP)
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