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STAGE-ENG05 - Design and optimisation of a subsea electrically heated pipeline
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Paris (Suresnes)
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Surf and Conventional
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Description :

Deep water pipelines are subject to very low seabed temperatures. Below a certain temperature however, hydrocarbons tend to agglomerate into solid wax or hydrate plugs that could clog the pipelines and compromise the exploitation of a field.


The oil & gas industry has been widely using pipe-in-pipe (PiP) technology to help insulate the products. In these systems, an outer pipe protects a dry thermal insulation layer, and an inner pipe contains the transported fluid. This passive insulation is not always sufficient for long pipelines or for extended shutdown periods, which has led Susbea 7 to develop an active heating solution in the past years: electrical heating wires around the inner pipe with fiber optic cables to monitor temperature, called the EHTF (Electrically Heat-Traced Flowline).


This technology is at its starting phase in terms of real-life subsea application, with the first projects currently ongoing. Several parameters govern the design of an EHTF system, at the interface between several engineering disciplines (thermal analysis, mechanical pipeline design, fabrication constraints, field architecture, maximum required electrical power, reliability…)


The intern will be integrated into the rigid pipeline design team. He/she will familiarise with the EHTF PiP technology, past and ongoing studies, the main parameters to consider, and the current dimensioning tool.


The intern will first improve the existing tool to account for the latest developments and feedback from ongoing projects and testing activities. He/She will then create an interface with iSight (automated design and optimization software) or similar software, to combine the different governing parameters and propose the best EHTF system design to a given project. He will also interface with the draftsmen in order to develop a typical 3D rendering of an EHTF PiP system.


Depending on the pre-demensioning needs of EHTF systems, the trainee can also occacionally be requested to assist in the early phases of an ongoing project or a tender.


The final objective of this internship, in addition to the developed tool, is to write a guideline that summarises the design parameters and criteria for an EHTF system, and the methodology to optimize the system according to any new project parameters.


Profile :

Engineer student from Eng. School or University, with mechanical engineering bakcground, preferably knowledge in design of experiments/optimisation, and CAD.

Microsoft Excel mandatory.

AutoCad (or other CAd software) skills appreciated.

English language.

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