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STAGE-ENG09 - Offshore Installation of initiation and laydown structures in S-Lay - Analysis
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Description :

Design of offshore fiels for oil & gas imposes having structures at each pipeline extrimity, called PLETs. Those structures, of several tons, with different sizes allow connecting pipeline to Christmas trees and offshore units.

PLETs shall be installed directly welded to the pipeline and this may become a real challenge, especially using the S-lay method. S-Lay is one of the fatest installation process for offshore rigid pipelines. The term S-lay refers to the shape taken by the pipe during its installation process. The pipe is assembled in a horizontal plane, the firing line, by welding together sections of steel pipe. As welding progresses, the pipeline is gradually lowered to the seabed behind the ship, supported by a stinger, a steel structure protruding from the end of the barge supporting the pipe, to avoid pipe buckling.

Because of geometrical constrains of the installation spread and stinger, plastic deformation of the rigid pipe on the stinger, installing PLETs in S-lay is real complex operation.


Internship Objective :

To analyse and model the installation sequence, with associated report, for the laying in S-lay of initiation and laydown structures. This analysis will be focused on:

  • Designing and modelling the different step-by-step of the initiation and laydown structure in S-lay, considering all the operational and structural constrains of the installation vessel and structure. All models will be performed using Orcaflex software.
  • Designing mitigation means to ensure the good vertical stability of the structure all along the installation sequence,
  • Determining the most suitable installation sequence and installation aids to minimize the stress in the pipe and the structure,
  • Defining the limits for the installation: size, weight, shape or any other limitations.

The internship will focus on existing cases and will be executed in an integrated team of two students: the student in charge of the analysis aspect will have to collaborate with another student in charge of the method aspect, oth working in one integrated team.


Profile :


This subject is proposed to a student in 3rd year of School of Engineering with Mechanical or Civil engineering background.

The student shall demonstrate:

  • Skills or interest in industrial process engineering and finite element analysis,
  • Flexibility,
  • Initiative and personal responsibility,
  • Good written English level expected to write clear and concise deliverables,
  • Motivation to interface with other concerned departments and engineers,
  • Real interest and motivation for a team work.
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