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STAGE-TEN01 - Update of the Tendering ROAD MAP including formalisation of internal processes (with creation of a digital twin)
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Paris (Suresnes)
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Surf and Conventional
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Intern Temp
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English, Fran├žais
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The GPC Tendering Department of Suresnes is responsible for the preparation of Technical and Commercial proposals for global tenders organized by our Clients.

Several initiatives have been launched in 2016 and 2017 to improve the quality and competitiveness of our offers. It is now the right time to make a proper evaluation of the work done and results obtained and restart a second phase with the year 2020 in sight.

In addition, and in anticipation of an increase of the tendering activity, it is important to capture and formalize our internal processes more clearly in order to facilitate the integration of newcomers as well as the internal communication with our various contributors which can be the other functional departments (engineering, supply chain, legal and contract), the Corporate which is the ultimate owner of those processes, and the different geographic regions which interface with the Clients and know best our competition.



  • Updated road map to cover 2019-2020,
  • Formalisation of internal processes on a support poster (with "twin" digital version) that will have to be interfaced with its equivalents on the other functions side.

Fluent in englsih (working langage)

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