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STAGE-ENG02 - Use of ABAQUS CEL for the design of sliding mudmat foundations
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Description :

Subsea pipelines are frequently installed with end terminations that enable the remote connection of the pipeline into a subsea production system. The end termination assembly, along with associated piping and valve systems are supported on the seabed by a shallow foundation forming a structure known as a pipeline end termination (PLET).

During operation of a typical subsea pipeline, temperature and pressure fluctuations cause the pipeline to expand and contract axially. The degree of expansion and the force required to restrain the pipeline has historically resulted in PLET structures being capable of resisting expansion forces or ac-commodating the expected range of displacement through a structural arrangement.

The trend of increasing pressure and temperature of transported fluids in combination with the soft seabed soils results in a significant increase in predicted pipeline end expansion. In the case where the expected expansion force cannot be resisted by the PLET foundation or displacements of the pipeline end termination assembly accommodated by structural design, an alternative is to allow the foundation to displace or slide.*

Contrary to a fixed foundation, the sliding of a PLET foundation will give rise to a number of ge-otechnical phenomena which have to be addressed in a design methodology.


The proposed work consists of:

* review of the design challenges for a sliding PLET on deepwater sediments

* modelling of the sliding mudmat with 3D finite element analyses ABAQUS CEL.

* sliding resistance of mudmat

* characterization of displacements and rotations of the foundation during multiple cycles of large amplitude foundation movement

* comparision of the numerical results with tests in the geotechnical centrifuge

* reporting

The candidate will be integrated to the offshore geotechnical team. He will work under the direct supervision of the offshore geoconsulting manager and of the scientific consultant.


Profile :

Engineer's degree in civil or geotechnical engineering.

Broad interest in engineering software, notably ABAQUS

Excellent English communication skills (writing and speaking)

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