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  • Look after preparation, follow-up, export documentation as well as physical preparation of all our shipments from Ex Works/FCA to discharging port/airport (customs clearance formalities at destination to be done by the local in-country organization)
  • Handle import formalities and cargo delivery for return material from discharging port/airport to final destination
  • Select the best means of transportation to ship material and equipment, including compliance with customers requirements as necessary
  • Consolidate shipments to optimize transportation budgets


  • Support RFQ process by proposing the most appropriate incoterms
  • As per import/export procedures, seek and obtain import licences in countries as required
  • Prepare and follow compulsory “pre-shipment” inspections with the agreed companies when required
  • Co-ordinate the collection of parcels and take responsibility for them in accordance with the orders
  • Carry out the packing requirements when necessary in accordance with the transport requirements and the rules in effect
  • Keep updated the list of vessels departures
  • Execute the consolidation of orders
  • Prepare and get export documents
  • Give to service provider (freight forwarder, carrier, packer…) all instructions and documents required for a good execution
  • Declare cargo value for insurance
  • Inform the consignee, prepare and send him the import documents within the required time frame
  • Send pre-alert message to Transit Co-ordinator at destination
  • Carry out importation formalities and delivery of return material when justified
  • Draw up each month the Intrastat declaration in accordance with regulation
  • Ensure the relevant custom documents have been received and give them to the administrative agent as soon as possible
  • Work with qualified suppliers
  • Apply Frame agreements and negotiate freight rates as per Transit purchasing process
  • Record savings
  • Check and approve service provider’s invoices as per invoicing process and within authority limits
  • Establish and update on a regular basis the shipment status report
  • Provide SCM manager with regular reports on vessels schedules as well as on cargo status
  • Provide and pass on lessons learnt
  • Obtain approval for air freight transportations
  • Issue monthly datas for KPI
  • Do assessments
  • Get surcharges recorded in Cats
  • Handle reservations and litigations

Technical support

  • SAP
  • Excel


  • Operate within Subsea 7’s Code of Business Conduct
  • Operate according to Subsea 7's Management Principles
  • Support standards and procedures relevant to the Function
  • Proactive involvement in all HSEQ policies and proactive intervention in daily safety concerns



  • All suppliers/packing, freight forwarders, shipping agents
  • All sea and airfreight companies
  • All inspection organisations
  • Customers: for the importation in the site country, through the contract PMT
  • Joint venture Partners: for transportation synergies


  • SCM Department
  • Other Functional Departments
  • Projects SCM Managers
  • AMEC in-country entities


  • Graduate / Diploma holder or equivalent
  • Skilled in Incoterms, air/sea/road transport regulations, Customs regimes, packing standards
  • Minimum 5 years experience in maritime transport and transit logistic.
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to perform well under pressure with tight deadline
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and able to relate with cross cultural management environment
  • Respect Subsea7 rules/values


    The position is based in Baku, Azerbaijan.