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 Generic Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To ensure execution of all technical project objectives, develops and applies a working knowledge of:
  • Pipeline installation works
  • Platform installation works and heavy lift
  • Onshore fabrication methods and practices
  • Subsea construction techniques (diver- and diverless), equipment and methods (including estimation and planning of construction activities)
  • Rigging/seafastening design, equipment and methods (including any legislative and regulatory requirements)
  • Basic vessel motion response theory
  • Basic knowledge of fabrication/construction contracting methods, with good commercial awareness
  • Recognise and accept HSE Roles & Responsibilities as defined in DOC-GL-HSE-001

Personal Attributes:

  • Demonstrates integrity, can be trusted to keep commitments, is direct and honest in all interactions; discourages dishonest or unethical behavior by others.
  • Takes responsibility for own mistakes and takes actions to correct them.
  • Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and confronts difficult situations in a constructive way, rather than taking the easy option.
  • Is a team worker and supports team members in adverse situations.
  • Performs additional work activities to assist others, shares responsibilities and tasks, and is receptive and responsive to others’ ideas and opinions.
  • Actively contributes to the decision-making process and supports the team’s final decision (consensus).
  • Seeks and accepts feedback from all sources. Incorporates knowledge gained from experience into a positive approach to future situations.
  • Takes personal responsibility for developing own career path.
  • Actively seeks responsibility rather than always looking for direction from others. Seeks involvement in decision-making and assumes personal ownership for outcomes.
  • Sets and maintains challenging objectives and high expectations.

Specific Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Develop project-specific procedures for the implementation of work to be carried out by onshore & offshore personnel in accordance with Subsea 7 minimum standards. This includes liaising directly with clients and subcontractors.
  • Be involved in Hazid studies & TRA’s of tasks detailed in the procedures.
  • Be accountable for designing, checking and/or supervising the design of installation aids and other equipment required for use offshore or for use onshore in preparation for offshore activities. Carry out the supervision of this through to fabrication and delivery, ensuring that the company’s quality procedures and relevant codes/standards are applied wherever applicable. Ensure ITP witness and hold points are managed in accordance with the overall project Quality Plan and / or Subsea 7 processes.
  • Witness directly or liaise with Subsea 7 Inspectors to ensure that suitable contractual activities such as load test, trial fits, are being carried out in accordance with Subsea 7 minimum requirements.
  • Be accountable for the preparation/performance or supervision of any engineering analysis of tasks relating to installation, to ensure the structural/operational integrity of the equipment during installation.
  • Select suitable equipment to perform operational tasks offshore, checking all aspects of the equipment to ensure it is operated safely and efficiently with suitable certification provided to meet statutory regulations. Also liaise with vessel departments and third party contractors to ensure all equipment is fit for purpose and fully compatible with offshore worksite.
  • Provide assistance in the co-ordination/compilation of as-built material and commercial aspects of contractual variations from site/fabricators/offshore.
  • Assist commercial department as required, in reviewing documentation or during bid activities.
  • Assist and guide graduates/junior engineers.


  • Assist in the mobilization / demobilisation of the vessels to ensure that all equipment is handled in the correct manner and everyone involved is aware of all safety and technical aspects of the mob/demob.
  • Provide all necessary technical briefings to offshore personnel ensuring that the overall working and safety philosophy of the project is fully understood by offshore personnel.
  • Issue Procedures & Task plans ensuring that all relevant safety and quality issues to include hold witness points are included in task plan.
  • Provide technical assistance to all offshore personnel to permit work to be implemented in accordance with approved procedure to the company’s minimum standard.
  • Identify any deviations from procedures and manage the change through Change Control QP-913 procedure directly with Offshore Manager and Client. Manage and document the impact of change on the schedule, as-builts or anything else relating to vessel, with the approval of Offshore Manager / Client.
  • Assist the Offshore Manager with the management of all project specific third-party contractors confirming all technical & operational aspects of the contract are observed.
  • Present / perform toolbox talks and ensure all safety and quality issues, either from TRA’s or procedures, are passed to all personnel involved in tasks, (ie. hold and witness requirements).
  • Note any contractual variations during project ensuring all necessary documentation is in place to support commercial claims disputed upon completion of project. These are to be passed to the Senior Project Engineer & where agreed with the client included on the DPR.
  • Ensure that the engineering logbook is updated through each shift with a thorough handover with the opposite engineer at shift change over.
  • Verify and be accountable for, either by client witness\video records\signed-off data sheets or any other means of recording critical activities which may or may not be highlighted in procedures.


  • Operate within the Business Code of Conduct
  • Operate according to Subsea 7’s Management Principles
  • Support standards and procedures for the Engineering Function
  • For level of authority see ‘Expenditure and Authorisation Specification’



  • Subcontractors and suppliers for engineering and procurement activity
  • Clients for Technical Reviews, and input into tenders and studies
  • Relevant professional bodies and institutions of learning


  • Project Managers
  • Engineering Discipline Managers
  • Engineering Department and Engineering project personnel