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London - Sutton
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Job title :

Senior SCM Engineer

Location :


Expected start date :


Duration :

6 to 12 months

Mission & Expertise :





·            Support SCM tendering Activities

·            Manage procurement of complex “engineered” materials and/or services as allocated by the Project SCM Manager and ensure materials/services are delivered as per the Project Procurement Plan requirements (Time, Cost, Quality).



Specific Key Responsibilities & Activities


Tendering Support

·            Support SCM Tender Lead by driving the RFQ process in order to timely obtain the required details for the assigned RFQ and issue it in line with the strategy defined by the SCM tender lead.

·            Propose alternative suppliers and specifications based on a cost effectiveness

·            Challenge Engineering requirement and spare philosophy

·            Propose the Tender Suppliers Bidders List based on Company and Subsea 7 approved Suppliers Lists and based on approved SCM strategy within the Tender.

·            Perform commercial and contractual analysis, schedule evaluation of bids and “Total Cost Of Ownership” based recommendation with related buy out or cost increase depending on evaluation of the market evolution.



Project Support



·            Coordinate with in-house departments to ensure all requirements are included in pre-qualification and tender documents – including flowdown -and prepare/issue the Request for Quotation to the suppliers of the Bidders lists.

·            Perform commercial and contractual analysis, schedule evaluation of bids, and incorporate technical evaluation from Engineering, QA, QC & HSE.

·            Finalise the bid summary and make recommendations to the Project SCM Manager and to the Project Manager for technically acceptable solutions.

·            Perform commercial negotiation and ensure the best deal for Subsea 7.



     Award management

·            Prepare the Supplier Commitment Approval (SCA) and the contractual deviation matrix.

·            Maintain the Project Procurement Plan up to date.

·            Initiate & expedite the PR & PO process in SAP.

·            Update Procurement Plan and budget basis

·            Validate with other department man plan for Technical and QHSE supports

·            Update transportation plan


     Post Award Management

·            Is the single Point of Contact with the Supplier and act as “PO Owner” up to delivery to the site team

·            Coordinate all supporting activities with Engineering and QHSE.

·            When dealing with Category related PO, report to Category Lead for any evolution of the PO

·            Organise the Kickoff Meetings with Vendors, ensuring in particular that instructions related to Vendor documentation and to the administration of the Award are clearly explained and understood.

·            Implement PO Cards and Progress Cards

·            Challenge Supplier Documentation List to the sole relevant document.

·            Is accountable for the timely review and approval of Supplier documentation

·            Organise Pre-Production Meeting

·            Update SCM schedule and Procurement plan with progress and delivery dates

·            Ensure that transit requirements are considered, that actions and information to transit team is made or given in due time and that the product is effectively delivered without delay.

·            Ensure all actions are taken against QC issues raised, make sure all alarm and NCR are treated.

·            Report weekly or according to project requirement, on progress and opportunities.

·       Manage commercial and financial issues arising from his/her assigned subcontract or Purchase order-negotiate all Variation/change Orders and provide regular cost forecast of PO/subcontract

·            Check Suppliers invoices and the final account obtain the corresponding close out certificate from Suppliers and issue the as-built revision of the Award.


Department Support

·            Highlight all discrepancies in SCM processes, identify related risks and propose actions to minimize such risk.

·            Ensure feedback and supplier performance evaluations upon completion of works -Supplier performance assessment, and Lessons Learned reports.




·            Degree in a relevant discipline (Engineering or Business) or qualified by Experience

·            Is “cost saving” oriented, and capable of challenging requests.

·            Is aware of the overall project schedule, planning, organisation and has knowledge of its main issues.

·            Have a good understanding of the overall technical issue and a good knowledge of the offshore industry and its specificities and of complex items.

·            Demonstrate good communication skills and is a team player.

·            Have Capabilities in line with the below matrix:




Contractual principles


Commercial principles


SCM Processes


Negotiation Processes and Strategies


Expediting process


Logistics process


Systems and Tools


Plans, schedules, budgets & forecasting


Risk Management


Technical Awareness


Subsea 7 & General Industry Awareness



Levels definition

0 : No proven capability or not required

1 : Some proven capability (or has capability under supervision).

2 : Proven capability (without supervision)

3 : Extended proven capability (trains others)

*: Increased rating due to GPC specific requirement











·            Operate within the Business Code of Conduct

·            Operate according to Subsea7’s Management Principle

·            Support Standards and Procedures for the Supply Chain Function

·            For level of Authority- The Senior SCM Engineer is not authorised to commit the Company on his own. Any commitment with third parties must be authorised by budget holders.