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Job Summary: Generation and/or review of installation procedures for subsea oil and gas equipment including pipelines, electrical and hydraulic umbilical (cables, hoses), steel structures; generation and/or review rigging drawings that are in developed in order to lift heavy equipment offshore and subsea that often weigh several hundreds of tons; review and input to offshore schedule; responsible for all engineering offshore activities carried out on installation vessel; offshore transport of equipment such as steel pipeline structures, concrete mattresses for pipeline stabilization, pipe spools used to connect subsea pilins, etc.; draft procedures, lift plans, schedules, risk identification and mitigation, presentations, analyses, drawings, etc.; create and issue lift plans onboard the vessel and ensure that all plans are closely followed by offshore personnel; lift plans including rigging design and arrangement, details about the lifting device (crane) capacities, reach, height, and the detailed lifting procedure; perform and deliver hazard identification and risk assessments (hira) onshore and off, as well as conducting toolbox talks with offshore personnel; research and design activities for new technologies and systems to improve impact of the industry on safety and the environment; oversee technical selection of connector supplier including evaluation of design, calculations, test procedures and selection of materials; providing design inputs to supplier based engineering phase; responsible for technical review of all documentation deliverables including procedures, drawings, etc.; overseeing practices for subsea equipment design; support engineering manager in processing and organization of all technical queries for the project including the clarification of client standards, mechanical design and arrangement of equipment, interpretation of supplied information and deviations.


Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in mechanical engineering, engineering, or closely related field and five years of experience in the job offered or five years’ experience in subsea umbilical, rise and flowline installation; design, operation and integration of ROV tooling, hydraulic hot stabs, torque tools and fluid injection skids; FEA analysis; and construction of subsea dispersant fluid injection system equipment.

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