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Subsea 7 is now recruiting for a OIM to join our team.

This will be based on a Day rate work agreement with a rotation of 4-6 weeks ON and OFF

Internal candidate's contract type will be subject to their current contract status.



The Offshore Manager is Subsea 7's Project/Operations representative offshore. They have full responsibility and accountability for all project activities carried out offshore and for management of all interfaces with the Captain.


The Offshore Manager assigned to a vessel reports to the Ship Operations Manager.  When assigned to onshore support work, the Offshore Manager reports to the respective project team as appropriate, whether Capex or tender support.  The Offshore Manager functionally reports to the Vessel Supervisor and Project Manager, Offshore Resources.


All personnel are expected to contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture within Subsea 7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to local HSEQ codes and practices. This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Actively reporting all undesired events and safety observations using the Safety Observation system and Undesired Events Report system.
  • Actively reporting non-conformances using the Non-Conformance Report (NCR) system.
  • Actively reporting and managing any unsafe act, condition or procedure or environmental unsafe acts and conditions to the Chief Officer so that action can be taken to manage or minimise any and all risk.


All personnel are also expected to contribute to creating a culture of ethics and integrity within Subsea 7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to our Code of Conduct.



Generic Key Responsibilities & Activities

  • Provide effective management onboard the vessel of project mobilisation, offshore operations and de-mobilisation
  • Plan, organise and schedule offshore operations in liaison with the Project Manager, Captain and Client Representative whilst considering the constraints of the overall project schedule
  • Liaise with the Captain for all aspects related to the management and safe operation of the Vessel
  • Provide the Shift Supervisors an overview of the upcoming operations and direct them as required in the specific operations to be executed within their shift.
  • Direct and consult with the Field and Project Engineers for technical/operational input to offshore activities 
  • Direct and consult with the Tower Supervisor and/or Team Leader Test and Termination Team for technical/operational input to offshore activities and, for the maintenance and readiness of their respective equipment for short and medium term operations. 
  • Actively monitor all aspects of the execution of operations  
  • Maintain a close and effective operational communication with the Project Manager, the Captain, the Ship Operation Manager, the Subcontractors and the Client Representative onboard
  • Verify that task plans, offshore risk assessments, updates and changes to procedures (subject to MOC) are produced and approved
  • Follow-up and implement any corrective and/or mitigation action arising from audits, inspections, reviews, non-conformances, observations and UERs.
  • Issue a Daily Progress Report, which covers Project and Marine activities in accordance with the recommended format (Subsea 7 standard plus Project specifics) and have the same approved by the Client Representative onboard.
  • Plan and organise crew changes in liaison with the Worksite Administrator and the Personnel Logistics Coordinator
  • In liaison with the Captain, verify that adequate systems are in place to effectively respond to any emergency and critical situations
  • Assist Project Managers, Tender Project Managers and their respective teams to prepare, validate, risk assess offshore execution plans and installation procedures as well as validate sequence and duration of activities



  • Operate within the Code of Conduct
  • Operate according to Subsea 7's Management Principles
  • Work within the parameters of responsibility outlined for the vessel in the Vessel Authority Matrix
  • Support standards and procedures for the Operations Function
  • For level of authority see Expenditure and Authorisation Specification'



  • Holds a relevant degree or equivalent
  • At least 5 years experience on ISV vessel with tower teams and Test & Terminations teams in similar position
  • Recognised Seaman's discharge book
  • Full DP Operator's Certificate and experience in accordance with IMCA M 117
  • Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing in accordance with STCW Code Table A-II/I
  • Fully conversant with Flag State Maritime Law / Legislation.
  • Fully conversant with ship's Safety Management System (Ref: ISM Code)
  • Completed Security Awareness training relevant for the position (Ref: ISPS Code)
  • Hold at all times a valid seafarer medical fitness certificate including Chester Step Test and GWO Basic Safety Training.
  • Training in accordance with the Subsea 7 training matrices
  • Strong knowledge of engineering and offshore construction operations
  • Highly developed leadership skills
  • Strong managerial and organisational skills
  • Additional qualifications from a professional body are desirable.





  • Vessel Charterer/Client
  • Subcontractors, suppliers and third parties
  • Any other external party necessary to comply with the role profile



  • Other vessel staff of all disciplines
  • Shore based Management including Fleet Director, Vessel Superintendent and Designated Person Ashore / Company Security Officer
  • Any other internal party necessary to comply with the role profile, such as;
    • Shift Supervisors
    • Tower Team Leader 
    • Test & Terminations Team Leader/OIM
    • Inspection Co-ordinators / Senior Inspection Engineers (where applicable)
    • Technical Superintendent (where applicable)
    • Dive Superintendent (where applicable)
    • Field Engineers
    • Project Engineers (where applicable)
    • Medic / Occupational Health & Safety Advisor
    • Storeman (where applicable)
    • Worksite Administrator (where applicable)
    • Nominated Onshore Manager (SOM, VSTM / POM)
    • Onshore Support Services
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