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Senior SCM Specialist for Oil & Gas projects/tenders. Manages procurement of complex “engineered” materials and/or services as allocated by the Project SCM Manager. Will be globally responsible and accountable for the final delivery of the materials/services as per the requirements of the Project: technical specification, safety performance, budget, schedule, quality, contractual risks, etc. or supports SCM tendering activities


These shall include but not be limited to the following;

 Tendering Support

·           Support SCM Tender Lead by driving the RFQ process in order to timely obtain the required details for the assigned RFQ and issue it in line with the strategy defined by the SCM tender lead.

·           Propose alternative suppliers and specifications based on a cost effectiveness

·           Challenge Engineering requirement and spare philosophy

·           Propose the Tender Suppliers Bidders List based on Company and Subsea 7 approved Suppliers Lists and based on approved SCM strategy within the Tender.

·           Perform commercial and contractual analysis, schedule evaluation of bids and “Total Cost of Ownership” based recommendation with related buy out or cost increase depending on evaluation of the market evolution.


·             To coordinate with other disciplines (Engineering, QA, QC & HSE) to ensure all requirements are included in pre-qualification and tender documents – including contractual flow downs - and prepare/issue the Request for Quotation to the suppliers of the Bidders list using SAP Ariba tool.

·             To coordinate with other disciplines to ensure the review and the clarification of all bids (runs contractual, commercial, schedule analysis, liaises and coordinates with other disciplines for on-time review and clarification of technical, quality and HSE sections).

·             Responsible and accountable to finalise the bid summary and make the recommendation to the Project SCM Manager and to the Project Manager.

·             Performs commercial negotiation and ensure the best deal for Subsea 7.

Award Management

·             To prepare the Subcontract document

·             To prepare the Supplier Commitment Approval (SCA) and the contractual deviation matrix for Management approval

·             To create PR & PO in SAP and expedites their approval.

·             To ensure Subcontract signature in Docusign

Post Award Management

·             To understand the requirements of the Project (scope of work, delivery schedule, budget, flow-down conditions) and how the PO integrates in the Project execution plan and interfaces with other Project activities.

·             Understands the product and the execution strategy of the Supplier, its procurement and subcontracting strategy, the key engineering and manufacturing steps and the associated risks.

·             Understands the risks of the PO and proactively develop mitigation measures with the relevant project stakeholders.

·             Defines the convergence plan of the PO and identify the key gates, associated dates and readiness conditions. Then uses the convergence plan to monitor the progress of the PO and to communicate priorities to Project stakeholders and expedite their actions. Finally, promptly reacts on delays.

·             To organize necessary audits, KOM and PPMs. Monitors and expedites the progress of the Supplier documentation (issuance by the Supplier and review / approval by S7 and Client) and the timely treatment of Technical Queries, Deviation Requests and Non-Compliance Reports.

·             Will raise the awareness of the Project Team on PO issues that could affect the performance of the Project and lead their resolution with the support of the relevant project stakeholders.

·             Will report to the Project SCM Manager and is the focal point of contact with the Supplier for all commercial, contractual, progress and coordination matters.

·             To liaise with the Package Manager to understand the interfaces of the PO with other project activities and to include the associated constraints in the contract.

·             Coordinates and liaises with other functions that have a contributing role to the final delivery of PO.

·             Works in straight collaboration and team spirit with the Technical Owner and the Quality Owner and develop with them a sense of co-ownership for the delivery of the PO.

·             Will be the PO Owner. Doesn’t have full knowledge and expertise of all aspects of the PO but shall mobilize and coordinate all necessary resources inside and outside the Project to ensure the safe, timely, on budget and compliant delivery of the PO.

·             Prepare and issue the shipment documentation to the transit agent. Ensure a close relation with the transit agent to allow the anticipation of the release of the goods.

·             Check Suppliers invoices and the final account obtain the corresponding close out certificate from Suppliers.

·             Responsible to organise the Lessons Learnt sessions and reports during the execution of the PO and/or at the end of the PO.

·             For all the above, the candidate shall follow SCM processes and implement and use SCM department tools.


  • Operate within the Business Code of Conduct

  • Operate according to Subsea7’s Management Principle

  • Is not authorised to commit the Company on their own. Any commitment with third parties must be authorised by budget holders.

  • Negotiations with all Subcontractors/Suppliers



  • Professional Bodies : All Subcontractors/Suppliers

  • Customers: through PMT


  • GPC & AP SCM Functional Team

  • KL Management Team

  • Project Directors / Managers

  • Package Managers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Technical Owners

  • HSEQ Managers

  • QA/QC Owners

  • Project HSEQ Manager

  • SCM Category Managers / Leads

  • Group SCM networks

  • Contract Managers



  • Degree in a relevant discipline (Engineering or Business) or qualifies by Experience

  • Is no required to solve technical issues (role of the Technical Owner) but shall be able to understand technical discussions and to measure potential associated commercial or schedule impacts

  • Is “cost saving” oriented, and capable of challenging requests

  • Have a good knowledge of the offshore industry and its specificities and of complex items

  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of the offshore industry and its specifications and of complex items

In return for your hard work and dedication, you’ll be rewarded with:

  • Great exposure in oil and gas industry

  • Long term career opportunity

  • Global mobility opportunities if relevant

  • Diverse and international team if relevant

  • Training and development

  • Flexible working arrangement

  • Work life balance 


Beware Recruitment Scams
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