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We are currently looking for an AB/Crane Operator - with valid Stage 3 crane operator cert and AB competency ll/5 Ticket

This will be a Day Rate based position 



The AB/Crane Operator is responsible for the safe operation of internal lifts and deployment of all lifts on to and off the vessel and for ensuring that all operations are carried out in accordance with standard procedures, and in a safe and efficient manner.

All personnel are expected to adhere to the HSEQ culture within Subsea 7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to local HSEQ codes and practices.

All personnel are also expected to adhere to the culture of ethics and integrity within Subsea 7 and ensure familiarity with and adherence to our Code of Conduct.


  • The AB/Crane Operator shall meet daily with the Bosun to plan future deck work programme.
  • Monitor all rigging to ensure safe use and suitability for task
  • Fulfil all maintenance requirements for deck machinery and equipment as directed by the Chief Officer/Bosun.
  • Check all decks, weather doors and accesses are secured in heavy weather.
  • Take inventory of deck stores and inform Chief Officer/Bosun of any short falls
  • Assist the diving crew as necessary and liaise with the bridge.(If applicable)
  • Maintain safety standards for the crew and deck areas.
  • Working within other departments as instructed by the Bosun/Chief Officer.
  • Assist on the helideck
  • Manning Mooring station as require by Bosun.
  • Act as a look out as required by Officer of the watch or Master.
  • Deputy Crane Operator for Project related and ships activities.
  • Reinforce and strengthen the HSE culture at every opportunity in operations and projects.
  • Promote correct HSE behaviours through personal example. Take action upon any health, safety and environmental matter brought to their notice, and report to their Manager on any matter which they are unable to rectify.
  • Be accountable for communicating HSE objectives and maintaining the Competence Assurance process program for all employees.
  • Maintain responsibility and accountability for HSE through active supervision.
  • Ensure that the workforce under their control are adequately trained, competent and authorised for the operations which they are required to perform, and kept informed of all relevant information to ensure their health and safety. Carry out appropriate induction training.
  • Consider health, safety and environmental performance during appraisals and assessments.
  • Maintain awareness of all Sub-Contractor activities, interfaces and the associated risks.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for employees under their control. Assist in all safety inspections to ensure that the workplace is maintained in a safe and tidy condition. Ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that the work place is kept free of potential hazards.
  • Ensure that risk assessments are carried out. Evaluate processes and activities for the presence of hazards. Record and control the subsequent risk to a tolerable level.
  • Identify HSE resource requirements.
  • Conform with the emergency procedures applicable to their place of work. Ensure that the workforce is aware of, and understands, the emergency procedures.
  • Facilitate effective two-way communication with the workforce on HSE issues. Conduct Toolbox Talks and Pre Job Safety Meetings. Attend HSE Meetings and ensure workforce participation.
  • Remain aware of the relevant HSE legislation relevant to their operations.
  • Ensure all safety devices provided are utilised and maintained, protective equipment is worn, safety rules are observed and safe working practices applied. Ensure correct equipment usage, inspection and effective maintenance.
  • Report and investigate all accidents and dangerous occurrences, including environmental incidents in the area of responsibility.
  • Take action in accordance with the Company disciplinary procedures for those who are negligent in failing to follow established safety and environmental procedures or misuse equipment provided for their health and safety.
  • Ensure that operations are conducted in compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation and company policy, Plans and procedures. Ensure workers under their control are kept informed of all relevant information to ensure their Health and Safety, and the protection of the environment.


Key Requirements:

  • Certification as per STCW Regulation II/4 or II/5 meeting legislative requirements of the Flag State
  • Must hold a valid Stage 3 Crane op cert .
  • Must hold a valid AB Ticket
  • Experience on any similar types and size of vessel. For Example: Rigid Pipelay/ Heavy lift, Diving , Renewables & Heavy lifting , Construction / Vertical Flex-lay and Construction/ Horizontal Flex-lay .
  • Recognised Seaman’s Discharge book.
  • Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in written in accordance with STCW Code table A-II/I
  • Prior experience working on DSVs would be added advantage
  • Completed security Awareness training relevant for the position.(Ref: ISPS Code)
  • Valid offshore medical and survival course


Specific Key Responsibilities & Activities

  • The ability to understand interfaces and the relationship between marine and project personnel.
  • Able to communicate effectively and articulately at all levels.
  • Experience of maritime activities.
  • An awareness of international Codes, Standards and Specifications.
  • Contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture within subsea7.
  • Subsea 7 Crane familiarisation document Must be completed by all new Crane Operators to the vessel (CL-GL-VM-VSL-120)
  • Mentoring new Crane operator’s in the use of all Cranes and other lifting equipment onboard if required.
  • Ensuring a detailed daily/shift handover with Crane Operators.  
  • Safe operation of the ships Cranes in accordance with Subsea7 procedures for Lifting Equipment and operations on Barges, Ships and yards, and all in accordance with the Crane manufacturer’s Instructions.
  • Ensure all personnel directing Crane operations are aware of their personal responsibilities with regards to work in a safe manner
  • AB/Crane operators must be familiar with all operating and maintenance Manuals for all concerned Cranes.
  • Maintenance of the Cranes and associated equipment Including Auxiliary and Main Blocks, and Crane Wires as directed by the Chief Engineer. Or Technical superintendent. And reporting any defects to Chief Engineer/Chief Officer immediately.
  • Perform Pre-Crane start-up checklist and inspection before any operations are carried out.
  • Complete regular safety checks of the Crane and implement any actions as necessary to maintain the work place in a safe manner.
  • AB/Crane operator must complete Daily and weekly logs with a list of any maintenance preformed, survey, load test, Emergency lowering function test, and any defects must be reported immediately to Chief Engineer.
  • Assisting deck team in heavy maintenance operation
  • AB/Crane Operator is to ensure that at no time the Crane is lifting any load beyond its SWL of the weakest link in any rigging arrangement attached to the hook and that such rigging is checked and certified
  • Progress the workscope as directed in accordance with relevant Task plan, Lift plan, TRAs, and procedures and Take part in Loading /deploying of equipment onto and from the vessel as directed by Deck Forman or qualified banksman, in compliance with the Masters or Chief Officers instructions.


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